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Chocolate Pleasure (3 bars)

Chocolate Pleasure (3 bars)

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Comes in a box of 3 dessert bars, 2.1 oz (60 g) each.

Can chocolate taste even better?

I say it can when mixed with savory tamari and then covered in velvety smooth coffee caramel glaze. Deep dark chocolate flavor in this truffle tasting cake is absolutely addictive, strong and tender at the same time so that you get your full Chocolate Pleasure.


Base: raw organic cashews, raw organic buckwheat groats, organic cacao paste, organic cacao butter, organic coconut milk, lemon juice, organic tamari, organic vanilla, organic maple syrup, citrus fiber

Glaze: organic cacao paste, organic cacao butter, organic coconut sugar, organic cashew butter, jasmine rice, organic almond protein, ground coffee, grapeseed oil

Allergen information

All our product are vegan and free from gluten, dairy or refined sugar ingredients. Though please be mindful of a possible cross-contamination if you have a specific allergy as some ingredients may contain traces of allergens.

Contains tree nuts: cashews, almonds, coconut

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Close your eyes. Breathe in. Forget about everything else. Be in the moment. Enjoy immediately.