Glaze Chocolate Things

Glaze chocolate is different from what you already tried. First it is handcrafted using great quality cacao beans and butter from Ecuador. Second, it is sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar. Third, it is stone ground for the silkiest, buttery texture. Here are some details on why we make chocolate exactly this way. 



Why coconut sugar?

Our chocolate is made without any refined sugars. Instead we are using organic coconut palm sugar. Here is why:

-Coconut sugar tastes differently. It does not overpower with sweetness and does not shadow the main flavor of a dessert. It has a nice caramel undertone to it that highlights cacao flavors so well.

-Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index, meaning it does not create a glucose spike and your sugar levels remain more balanced which is crucial for your metabolism, hormonal flow and overall well-being. 

-We prefer using ingredients that were minimally processed and therefore retained more of their natural properties (nutrients, minerals) because we know this will help to support our body, its immune system, etc. 

Why stone ground?

When I was just starting my chocolate journey I was making my chocolate by hand, mixing all ingredients in a bowl or in a high speed blender. This chocolate was delicious but also rough, gritty and lacked the deepness of flavor profile. After researching ways to make artisanal chocolate I finally got a melanger – a stone grinding machine for making chocolate. All chocolate ingredients are loaded in a melanger and then ground by the granite stones for 50-72 hours creating a luscious creamy texture.  

Here is how stone ground chocolate is different:

-cacao products and sugar are stone ground with granite stones for more than 50 hours (usually 60-70) resulting in the silkiest texture of chocolate.

-buttery texture of stone ground chocolate creates an amazing sensory experience of a chocolate piece melting on your tongue. 

-During the long process of stone grinding, various acids found in cacao evaporate, opening up the actual flavor of cacao beans grown in a specific region. That allows you to fully taste the flavor profile of cacao without any sour or bitter aftertaste. 

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