Dessert Bar

How often do we have to choose between something tasting good and feeling good to our body? I am confident that the secret to making this choice is balance. Balance in everything: enjoying food and knowing it also nourishes you at the same time, experiencing life through taste as one of our senses. 

Glaze vegan desserts will awaken all of your senses right away: the elegant appetizing look of the mini dessert bars with vibrant toppings, the deep chocolate smell, the sound of cracking glaze as you bite in, the smooth texture of filling on your tongue, the creamy taste in your mouth. All of that will make you close your eyes and indulge in pleasure.


Because we believe desserts should and will stay a part of our daily life, why not enjoy them in a balanced size of our mini cakes, filled with wholesome ingredients, bursting with flavor and completely satisfying that sweet craving of the day?

Glaze vegan desserts offer:

  • Perfect size: they are not too big, yet filling and enough to share
  • Balanced sweetness: our cakes are not overly sweet, yet decadent  
  • New delicious treat: they are not something you tried before, yet absolutely addictive once you do

Also Glaze desserts are:

  • Hand crafted so every bar is unique
  • Glazed in artisanal chocolate which is the best wrapper nature ever invented
  • Taste good and feel good




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