About Glaze Desserts and Chocolate

My family's world has always revolved around food. Big family celebrations at the long table filled with tons of dishes. Exploring other countries through national cuisine and local specialties. Healing through nourishing comfort foods. Trying something new at my own kitchen and always looking for this balance of healthy and delicious. My love to cooking and experimenting with different foods was growing steadily becoming my inspiration and a big part of my personality. 

In search of new flavors, textures and learning about some health benefits of certain ingredients I came to researching tendencies of a modern pastry movement. Here I started to experiment with new techniques, playing with flavor combinations and deepen my understanding of a perfect dessert. Using natural wholesome ingredients, creating complex flavors with the help of simple foods brought me to perfecting the dessert bar recipe in the way you can enjoy it now. 

At the same time I opened the magical world of chocolate making for myself. Chocolate became a mystery, a magnet and a challenge for me. I was learning about sourcing cacao, grinding, conching, tempering. I also dove deeper into learning the health benefits of cacao and its mind healing properties too. The magic of cacao truly inspired me!

I feel like oftentimes we tend to separate foods into good or bad and either focus on the first category or feel guilty when enjoying the latter. My approach is that everything is good in moderation and balance is the main parameter to evaluate the quality of our food.

I think cutting out desserts completely or tricking ourselves into believing that certain sweets are “better” sweets are basically both extremes that are not sustainable for our long term health and lifestyle goals. I suggest we find a balanced solution where deserts stay a part of our life and at the same time they are made using natural, wholesome, vibrant products, which benefit our body. And these sweet treats also bring us an emotional experience that is such an important role of food in general.

Balance is when your cake is the perfect size, when it is sweetened by just the right amount, when all the flavor combinations are supporting each other creating a delicious harmony of taste in your mouth.

If we are more mindful about what we eat, if we focus more not only on the contents of our meal, but also its appearance, its flavor, its impact on our state of mind then each meal can be a special occasion adding more sense to our daily life. 

Our mission therefore is to offer a product that combines great ingredients, amazing taste, convenient format and balanced size. Our cakes are created to fill your day with a moment of pleasure.


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